Keep your jewelry clean

1. Storage Recommendations:

  • Proper Storage: Store each piece separately to prevent scratches. Ideal options include soft pouches, individual compartments, or cloth-lined boxes.
  • Hanging Necklaces: Save yourself the hassle of detangling by hanging your necklaces.

2. Wear and Tear Protection:

  • Protect from Physical Stress: Refrain from wearing your gold jewelry during strenuous activities like, gym sessions (the weights have scratched mine)

    3. Special Care for Sterling Silver:

    • Polishing: Silver can dull over time due to oxidization. Restore its glow with dedicated silver polish or a silver-specific polishing cloth. we have a free one linked above!
    • Airtight Storage: This ones lowkey extra but you could store your silver pieces in a cool, dry spot. Honestly tho i've left mine in the shower forever and it was fine. But it did tarnish a little when i left it in the laundry room for like a year. Anyway silver tarnishes when its exposed to air and certain chemicals, so utilize airtight bags, if you want. Including an anti-tarnish strip within the bag can be beneficial.
    • Separation: Store silver items away from other jewelry in soft pouches or individual compartments to avoid scratching.
    • Regular Wear: Interestingly, the natural oils in your skin can slow down silver's oxidization. So, wearing your silver jewelry can actually keep it brighter!
    • Sulfur Avoidance: Silver tarnishes rapidly when in contact with sulfur. It's best to remove your jewelry when in hot springs or using sulfur-laden products.

    Adhering to these guidelines will ensure your jewelry remains in impeccable condition, reflecting its cherished value in your life.

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