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Do you use reusable grocery bags? Doesn't matter if you do or don't, I mean personally I try my best to, but it makes no difference. As much as corporations want us to believe that we as individuals can reduce plastic consumption, It's impossible to make a big enough change because plastic is still being manufactured. Now don't get me wrong, there are so many incredible individuals and business doing amazing things for our society. But, fact is that CEOs of monopolies have the most power and influence to make change. If I had that kind of money I would invest a lot more capital into social change. 


In 2021 I started Ellasrings with a mission to fund equity. With your help and support we were able to donate $691 to monafoundation.org, they work to educate communities and empower women. The second project raised over $1600 to make care packages for families experiencing homelessness. 


The next 2 years will be focusing on expanding the business. This means all of the profits will be saved and invested back into the company. In order to create the most change in the World, I envision Ellasrings as big as it can be. The plan is to reevaluate after two years of growing in order to make the best decision for everyone as well as the future of the company.


First and foremost, we work for so much of our life. I want to change that. I want us to have the time to enjoy life. if you had a 3 day weekend what would you do?spend time with you're loved ones? maybe lay the couch while eating kale chips and watching how I met your father. Whatever you chose to do we all deserve more time for ourselves. Traditionally the work day and "week' is based on the males hormonal system. I want to supplement all my employees with the option for a work "week" based on the women's hormonal cycle 

We will change our world by investing money into sustainable, self financing businesses. One idea I have is to grow large enough where we can open warehouses in lower economically developed areas in order to provide jobs, resources, and stability to those who may not have it. Another goal is to open sustainable grocery stores in lower economically developed areas. This will 1)provide healthy food 2)opportunities 3)and sustainability. Additionally, I hope to devise a plan to bring justice to Black Communities who have been oppressed by Americas system. I want to market sustainability as lifestyle in a way that utilizes what we already have in order to reduce or eliminate waste consumption. I hope to find a way to reduce the amount of mis-media, educate, and unite the political beliefs of our country. Some may see these goals as an unrealistic dream however I think its critical to communicate the direction I want to see Ellasrings to grow. Im switching my major from biology to a double major in business and public health. (UPDATE Im taking a few terms off to focus on the business) As I continue to learn and gain experience I will tweak and reevaluate the plan in order to be the most effective. I intend on keeping you updated throughout the whole process.


The most important thing to me is keeping this business as transparent as possible. As soon as I can I will post the companies finances so you are able to see where all of the money goes. As for the 75% of profits that funds equity, It is whats left over after business expenses, and paying employees. This way, I can start paying myself and employees $15 an hour for all the time we spend working. With that said, the next two years will be focused on reinvesting all profits back into the business in order to grow. Because of this, the company will technically make no profit (because everything will be reinvested) and 75% won't directly go towards equity at this point in time. This is in order to maximize the longterm success and change we hope to see in our world.  

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