Subscription Policy


Wet Jewelry is out here making it easy to create the Jewelry collection of your dreams. With our membership you unlock VIP pricing, Plus our exclusive bundles, Sets, and Gifts! Not to mention you earn 1 member collection credit each month to use towards any Bundle, Set, or Gift that represents the person you're becoming. The membership is $39.99 each month! And no worries, if you're not feeling jewelry any month you can easily "Skip this Month" What's in your Jewelry Budget?


WetJewelry offers members the opportunity to participate in its monthly membership program. To become a WetJewelry VIP member, you must check out as a VIP member when making a purchase on this site. As a member you will also receive up to 50% off all regular prices, get access to exclusive bundles, perks, jewelry, and other updates to maximize your shopping experience. Your first monthly bill, will be charged after your 5 day trial is complete from the day you sign up. As a valued WetJewelry VIP Member, you will enjoy numerous perks and benefits such as exclusive pricing, dedicated promotions and bundles, free returns and exchanges (see our return policy). You may cancel your WetJewelry Membership by emailing one of our customer service representatives at


upon enrollment in the VIP Membership Program, you will receive a new monthly credit on the first day of every month. Don't want new jewelry every month? No problem! Email our customer support "Skip the month" between the 1st and the 5th of each month. If you do not "skip the month" between the 1st and the 5th of the month your payment method will be charged an automatic monthly membership fee of $39.99 on the 6th (until you cancel). All promotional membership credits are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. You may cancel your WetJewelry VIP Membership by emailing our support team

Each promotional member credit will be sent to your email and can be redeemed for any exclusive bundle, any VIP Set, any individual item, or any VIP box! You may "skip" as many months as you like, there is no obligation to buy. Even if you decide to "skip" any month, you may return to your Account at any time to make a purchase. If you "skip" any month, you will not have access to certain exclusive benefits for the remainder of that month, Including exclusive bundles, sets, and promotions.

You may cancel you Wet Jewelry Collection Membership account at anytime. If you wish to cancel your Account, simply email out team at, 7 days a week. There is no cancellation fee. Any remaining promotional member credits on your account will expire 12 months after the date on which they were issued. You may use any remaining unexpired promotional member credits after cancellation for any individual item, but you will no longer have access to discounted VIP member only pricing for any items purchased without a promotional member credit. Please be advised that your Account may only be canceled by the registered WetJewelry VIP Member or the holder of the valid payment method on file related to your Account.



How much does the Wet Jewelry Collection Membership Cost?

There is no monthly cost to access the VIP Pricing if you email our customer support team "skip this month" between the 1st and the 5th of each month, if you haven't chosen to "Skip this month", your payment method will be charged $39.99, Which gives you exclusive access to Bundles, Sets, Gifts and Jewelry. In addition to those perks, you will receive a promotional a collection credit which can be redeemed for ANY bundle, product, or set! This means savings of up to 50% on regular price styles! 

What if I forget to "Skip the Month?'

you will have the 1st to the 5th of each month to email out customer support team to "skip this month." If you haven't chosen to "skip this month" your payment method will be charged $39.99 on the 6th of each month. Your payment will grant you all the exclusive perks bundles, Jewelry, Gifts, and pricing. You will also receive a free member credit that can be redeemed for ANY item.

Do I have to buy something every month If I'm part of the membership?

Never! Theres no obligation with the Wet Jewelry Collection Membership. Just email our customer support team ( "skip this month" between the 1st and the 5th of each month and you wont be charged that months $39.99

Can I shop without joining the WetJewelry Collection Membership?

Yes but make sure you click on "Guest Add to Bag" as you shop!

Do I get access to Jewelry that non- members do not?

As a member you will have exclusive access to Jewelry, Bundles, Sets, discounts, and Gifts!


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